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Welcome to Cali Cancer Registry

The Registry has been in continuous operation since 1962. It is located in the Department of Pathology of the Medical School in the Universidad del Valle, in Cali, Valle, Colombia, South America.
The CCR data have appeared in all seven volumes of Cancer Incidence in Five Continents. Data are also included in Trends in Cancer Incidence and Mortality and the International Incidence of Childhood Cancer. It is planned to produce a comprehensive publication for 1962- 2001 towards the end of this year. Efforts will be made to produce a periodical report in this Web Site.

Cancer notification is not compulsory in Cali. The information is collected by active search in the files of the hospital and other medical facilities, whether academic, private. Information from physicians and private centres is obtained through a periodic revision of their archives. Information also is collected from de Municipal Office of Vital Statistics, to obtain deaths with mention of cancer. Site and histology are coded according to the ICD-O-3 which was implemented since June 2004.

Patients living permanently in Cali or having come to Cali to live, are considered residents. Patients coming to Cali for others reasons, including prolonged medical treatments are considered non-residents.

The data are used to monitor the trends of cancer in Cali, to assess the early detection program for cervical cancer, and to serve as a database for research and teaching proposals. The registry encourages the use of data by researchers and under- and postgraduate students.

The population-based cancer registry of Cali is active and has been studying incidence trends in the city for the period 1962-2001. The study includes the most frequently diagnosed cancers in the city, namely prostate, stomach, and lung in males, and breast, cervix and stomach in females. A substantial reduction in the risk of cancers associated with poor living conditions or lack of medical surveillance for the Cali population is reported.


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Population-based Cali Cancer Registry database
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